Pipe products satisfy Standards for low pressure reticulation / piping, general mechanical and structural applications. For a specific outside diametre these sections have a larger wall thickness than CHS in the Structural Products range. However, the Pipe product range is of a lower strength grade to Structural CHS. Pipe products are versatile and easy to use for general, mechanical, low pressure piping and structural applications.

Standardised diameters and thicknesses for the Pipe product range permit industry accepted connections to be readily used in fluid conveyancing applications. The larger wall thickness of Pipe products also helps to provide extended service life in heavy fluid and wear applications such as that encountered in mining operations, slurry and concrete pumping. Coupled with a galvanized coating, the large wall thickness can greatly assist in improving the Pipe’s corrosion resistance in some water reticulation applications.Due to the larger cross-sectional areas available for Pipe products, these sections are also commonly used in structural applications.

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